Kopek Security Services- Deter, Detect, Defend!

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Deter, Detect, Defend


Kopek Security is a supplier of manned and canine-assisted security services nationwide. It prides itself on its high standards as evidenced by its numerous accreditation’s at the highest level.


Company founders Sue Yildiz and Gennine Cope have more than 20 years’ security industry and dog handling experience between them and brought a highly professional attitude to the establishment of their enterprise.

As such, all security dog handler teams are accredited to level two or three by NTIPDU (National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users), NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) or BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers). Sue and Gennine are two of only nine individuals in the UK accredited as level three handlers with the NTIPDU.

All of the company’s teams are BS 8517-2:2016 compliant, and the company itself is on the Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database) list of qualified security providers.

As a company that goes above and beyond what is necessary, Kopek Security is proud to be a certified Living Wage Employer. Kopek pays good money for good people.

Reducing risk

With the strapline, Deter, Detect, Defend, the company sees its role as first and foremost, preventing trouble damage and the associated conflict, delays and costs before they occur.

Any incursion on to a site has the potential to incur costs. These may be relatively minor, such as damage to fencing, however where plant is involved, this could involve expensive downtime, repairs or even health and safety related costs.

Where loss of life is caused by a company’s negligence, this can result in corporate manslaughter charges. Failure to keep the site and dangerous equipment secure can be a factor in this. Consequently, site security should be seen as a necessary insurance policy rather than a luxury. The cost of failing to keep your site secure can be far greater than the reasonable expense of preventing damage, delays and potentially even death.


As well as securing your site, Kopek Detection dog units are trained to detect explosives, pyrotechnics and drugs.

Kopek Security is also able to provide services at events, keeping visitors, performers and guests safe.

For more information go to www.kopeksecurity.com.