Emergency Response

We prioritise responsiveness at all times – it’s part of our commitment to your security. But swift action is never more important than in an emergency situation – and you can rely on Kopek to provide it.

Out-of-hours activations, unexpected alerts and potential unauthorised entries can be difficult and inconvenient to deal with. Our emergency response service – which works side-by-side with our keyholding offering – ensures that you don’t need to worry about this aspect of maintaining secure premises. We have you covered.

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Upon any alert, our emergency response professionals will arrive rapidly and perform careful but quick assessments, rectifying the situation wherever possible and safe. In cases of unauthorised entry, our team will determine the cause of the activation, re-secure the premises and reset the alarm. Where necessary, we can call your selected emergency repair service. In the case of a major incident, the appropriate emergency services will be contacted – and our teams will remain in situ until they arrive.

Not only does all this ensure that your business needs to worry no longer about attendance at emergencies; not only does it provide key expertise exactly when needed; it significantly reduces the potential for escalation, and for further damage and theft. In short, it keeps you and your premises safer. Call us today to start feeling more secure in every emergency.

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As part of this service, if necessary, we can liaise with your chosen emergency repair company to re-secure the premises, minimising disruption.

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