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Trust us with your business and we will guard you with ours

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Trust us with your business and we will guard you with ours

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Your security really matters - to us, as well as to you.

Welcome to Kopek Security

Kopek was founded with the conviction that there were better ways to keep our clients secure. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly to become one of the UK’s most efficient, flexible and committed security businesses.

For us, the best security begins with great relationships. At Kopek, we build an understanding with each of our clients so that we can better protect their businesses and their properties. We get to know every inch of your needs – so we can meet them exactly.

That process also builds trust – between our clients and our teams, between our staff and yours, and also between our handlers and our dogs, our managers and our operational staff. This makes everything work better, and everyone feel more valued – and more secure

We are enthusiasts for security – and we encourage and inspire a professional, approachable and above all dedicated approach to achieving it.

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Keeping our clients safe takes care and thought. We don’t get lost in form-filling and one-size-fits-all operating procedures. From high welfare standards for our animals to our exacting honesty and attention to detail, we take a transparent and bespoke approach. Our aim? To create a security environment in which our clients become a valued part of the process that makes them safer.

We are rare in the sector for being owned by women, and we don’t follow the crowd. Just as every security job is unique, we believe that the best companies have their own identity. Our focus on flexibility, understanding and de-escalation makes us different – and it makes us more effective, too.

Maybe the word “passionate” can be over-used. But at Kopek we have no other way to describe how we feel about our business, about the security of our clients and the quality of our staff. That’s why we have grown to a staff-base of 220 in just a few short years: we connect with people, and then they stick with us.

We really mean it: your security matters. That’s why you should entrust it to a company that truly cares.

Welcome to Kopek – drop us a line today to chat over what you need.