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Dog handling is at the centre of our business. Our founders have a deep background in the discipline of dog handling, and all our work is powered by the philosophy we bring to working with these wonderful animals: happy dogs are more productive ones. Our clients’ security relies on us treating our dogs with respect.

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Our dog-handling services

We bring the same emphasis on attention to detail, de-escalation and quiet efficiency to all of our dog-handling services. Our dogs help keep a wide range of our clients safe: from public to private sector, event- or location-based, we have the right dogs – and the right dog-handlers – to ensure a superb level of service.

Well-trained, well-treated dogs offer better performance, and at Kopek we are dedicated to ensuring ours are the best trained and treated animals in the UK security sector. We think that makes them the best, as well.

Compliancy and standards

Dogs offer a visible – and audible! – deterrent on-site and at events. Their enhanced sense of smell and hearing offer unparalleled detection options. They support their human colleagues and offer significant additional benefits to every security team.

That’s why we offer them the respect they’ve earned – and why they provide our clients with the level of service they deserve to expect. All our dog handlers are accredited to level 2 or 3 by NTIPDU, NASDU or BIPDT and are compliant with BS 8517-2:2016. We act in accordance with The Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. You simply won’t find better kept – and better performing – dogs anywhere in the UK.

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As part of this service, if necessary, we can liaise with your chosen emergency repair company to re-secure the premises, minimising disruption.

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