At Kopek Security and Facilities Ltd, we take the safety of our clients seriously. Keyholding makes that commitment literal: we take on the responsibility of being your back-up, your fail-safe; you entrust your keys to us for … well, safe-keeping.

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BS 7984-compliant services

Our keyholding service offers you the safest place possible to store your spare keys – for business or home – with maximum confidence that they will remain secure. Whenever you need them, we’ll be able to provide immediately. If your alarm activates, we can send an SIA guard to the site immediately, complete with keys. If you lose your copies, ours are securely logged and stored in compliance with BS 7984. Consider us your fail-safe.

Our BS 7984-compliant services are wide-ranging, and include locks and unlocks, third-party access visits and house checks; we can provide mobile patrols and void property checks. Keyholding is about more than putting a key in a drawer: we’re a full-service security firm, and we want to keep the properties in our care safe across the piste.

When you need your keys, they’re there

When you need your keys, they’re there. When an alarm sounds at your property, we’re there. Our rapid response teams will arrive, vocally challenge anyone in the area where necessary, and secure the property. And all the time, you know your keys are safe.

We know our clients rely on us for their security. High-quality, responsive and sensitive keyholding is one way we make good on our promises.

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As part of this service, if necessary, we can liaise with your chosen emergency repair company to re-secure the premises, minimising disruption.

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