It’s logistics that makes the world go around. Fleets of trucks – and of truck drivers – ensure that cargoes reach their destination, on time and on budget, so that consumers can access the goods they need. And logistics security ensures they get there safely.

At Kopek, we’ve been a provider of logistics security services up and down the country since our founding. Many of our operatives have worked in the area for years, providing experience as well as expertise to our nationwide roster of logistics customers. We’ve become their trusted partner.

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Our clients include some of the largest logistics firms in the UK

Our logistics security support can operate as manned and canine-assisted teams, but also vehicle escort support. Our clients include some of the largest logistics firms in the UK, and we treat each of them with the care and attention this is sort of security provision requires: there’s no off-the-shelf solution, only the most appropriate solution delivered expertly each time.

That attention to detail extends to every element of our logistics support service. Whether our clients are transporting freight by road or rail, our security solutions provide the tailored support and infrastructure required to protect valuable goods – and get them to their destination reliably.

We take the time to get to know our clients

As in every other area of our work, we take the time to get to know our clients. We assess and analyse each and every transport plans, carry out a comprehensive safety and security audit – and arrive at an effective strategy in partnership with them. We put in place qualified personnel to help monitor the moving assets every step of the way, using sophisticated electronics and tried and tested methods.

If your delivery is important, so is its security – and we’re committed to achieving that for every one of our clients. Drop us a line and have a chat with us – we’re always happy to explain more.

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As part of this service, if necessary, we can liaise with your chosen emergency repair company to re-secure the premises, minimising disruption.

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