Close Protection

Physical security guards provide a range of services: they are a visible deterrent and an emergency response team; they can prevent injury and loss, deal with harassment or damage. Their role is to stay close to individuals and ensure their personal safety. It is among the most important of all security functions to many of our clients.

We take the responsibility of provided close protection extremely seriously. Across our business, we build long-lasting and productive relationships with our customers – and that means close protection takes on an extra element of commitment for us. Your safety matters to everyone at Kopek – our business exists to ensure it.

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Highly trained staff

Our highly trained staff are empowered to make the split-second choices that matter when it comes to providing this key service. Close protection is about duty to our clients, and also to our employees: our security services are delivered to such high quality because we understand how to create diligent and expert teams who get the job done, discreetly and efficiently.

Bodyguards & protective surveillance

From bodyguards to protective surveillance, our operatives are experts – at keeping you safe, but also ensuring your peace of mind. Kopek’s focus on de-escalation is a key element of our close protection services, too – but so too is rapid response and whenever necessary neutralising threats. Entrust your safety to Kopek – because we respect the honour of your choosing us. Give us a call today.

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As part of this service, if necessary, we can liaise with your chosen emergency repair company to re-secure the premises, minimising disruption.

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