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Cheltenham, Residential Development

Security should be suited to the demands of the environment.

When it comes to securing a site, there’s no one-size-fits-all policy. Take the case of this residential development in the pleasant spa town of Cheltenham. When the firm began development, they opted for static security guards – a solid choice which will often deliver real results.

In this case, however, the static guards did not deter some of the youths in the area from using the site as a playground. There is nothing wrong with the use of static guards – they can be an excellent solution in the right situation. But this environment needed a different approach.

The developer got in touch with us, and we recommended Security Dog Handling Teams with branded vehicles. This more visible – and significantly more mobile – solution had a rapid impact: the youths ceased their behaviour and suddenly the site was safe … for those working on it, but also of course for the youths, who were themselves in danger while playing on site.

Fitting the security solution to the situation saved lives – and it saved time, too: we remained on site for eighteen months, when the development completed on time and on budget.

Security should always be bespoke.



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