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Construction, Leeds

Security should never feel stretched.

Large construction sites pose significant challenges. Not only do they cover a lot of ground, making it difficult to cover every ingress; they are also full of hazards. This poses real problems for teams seeking to traverse such sites in order to provide security services.

Fortunately, our teams are experts in the provision of construction site security. That’s why we were chosen by a Leeds-based construction firm to secure a very large site of theirs which was proving to be subject to theft.

By understanding the site, planning our patrols and securing its weakest points, we were able to offer comprehensive coverage. We deployed Security Dog Handlers to offer visible, mobile and effective deterrence and detection; and we ensured vigilance at all times to prevent further trespass.

Our teams were highly successful, and following their arrival on site there were no further thefts at all. Not only that, but all breaches reduced over time – resulting in a safer, more security site on which our client company could get on with what they were best at.

Security can range widely.



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