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Demolition, Coventry

Security can sometimes require a lot of investment; sometimes, though, it can be pretty simple.

A client of ours in Coventry was undertaking a demolition project in an urban area. Despite their precautions, they were experiencing an issue with trespassers on their land. Not only was this a breach of security – it was also decidedly unsafe, especially for the trespassers themselves.

Sometimes fences aren’t enough – they are a physical barrier, but are also so commonplace as to not always sufficiently deter determined trespassers. What we’ve learned, though, is that it’s not always necessary to over-engineer a solution.

It’s always worth trying simple techniques first, and scaling up from there where necessary. Our first port of call in Coventry, then, were warning boards and mobile patrols: a visible warning, and a regular deterrent.

This simple reinforcement of the fences ensured that the trespassing ceased, and that the demolition could proceed safely. It was straight-forward, cost-effective and fit for purpose.

Security doesn’t always need to be complicated.



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