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Demolition, Kidderminster

Security often needs to be visible.

Demolition sites are dangerous. Unstable structures, heavy equipment, and of course explosives and falling masonry are serious hazards. Trespassing on these sites is dangerous for the individuals involved – and the companies undertaking works have a responsibility to take all necessary measures to prevent injury.

At this site in the West Midlands, there was a specific problem that required a sensitive, but effective, security approach: members of the travelling community were found to be gaining access and engaging in unauthorised activity.

This required a significant and visible security preference, in order to deter further trespass and make clear that the site was now secured and under continuous patrol. Our Security Dog Teams were deployed to make a clear statement – and to provide uniquely mobile patrols of the large, challenging site.

Following the arrival of our teams – who undertook careful, strategic surveys of the site designed both to secure it and be seen to secure it – there were no further intrusions. This ensured the safety of all involved.

Security should be a deterrent.



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