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Eviction, Plymouth

Security should be decisive.

Squatting is a problem for property owners. Empty buildings attract unauthorised use, and it can be difficult to regain control of a building once it has been lost. Of course, security is best used as a preventative measure. But when that option has been lost, decisive remedial action is possible.

At Kopek, we have long experience in executing swift and effective eviction procedures. For example, our client in Plymouth owned a multi-storey tower block that had come to play host to squatters. Once our client achieved a writ of possession, our team moved in to implement it.

We deployed eleven security officers and six dog handling teams to ensure the eviction process would be executed effectively and without impediment. The squatters were successfully evicted, and the building secured – making their re-entry impossible.

By regaining control of the property on behalf of our client, we ensured that their investment was maintained and a court order was followed. We acted quickly and with maximum efficiency to ensure a rapid resolution of the issue.

Security should be efficient.



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