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High Value Vehicle Escorts

Security often needs to be mobile.

Global logistics firms have a series of complex tasks facing them. One, of course, is to provide effective security for dispersed fleets in constant transit. Rolling robberies are becoming a common occurrence: thefts are increasingly undertaken even while a vehicle is moving at high speed.

All security settings require solutions specifically designed to neutralise unique threats – and high-value vehicle escorts are a particularly good example of this. We’re proud to be trusted to devise effective and bespoke security arrangements for our clients, and in this case a global logistics firm tasked us with providing both its vehicles and drivers with escort services.

Our escort services offer on a series of levels: our vehicles operate as a visible deterrent; our trained staff can spot and eliminate any issues; our vehicle tracking hardware ensures our head office knows where every convoy is at all times; and if the worst happens we can immediately inform the local police and assist with video evidence.

In other words, we offer a complete suite of high-value vehicle escort services, to dissuade, deter, defend and detect. That’s why we’re trusted by global firms – and it’s why high-value loads arrive at their destination when Kopek drive alongside them.

Security should be fleet of foot.



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