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Highways, Bedford

Security should be effective, even when it isn’t planned.

At Kopek, we can work with clients over time to develop a strategy for a site and ensure it is safe from day one. But we also acknowledge that, every now and then, we’re needed at a moment’s notice – and that we need to be making a site safer from the first moment we arrive.

That was the situation with this Highways project for a Local Authority in the south-east of England: we were called upon at short notice to provide security for their highways equipment, stored on a disused site within their catchment area.

This equipment included everything from signs and barriers to vans and trucks. Our goal was to prevent unauthorised access, and maintain sufficient coverage around the clock to ensure total security.

We deployed a Canine Team on-site and prevented unauthorised access on multiple occasions, ensuring the safety of this valuale – and project-critical – equipment on a challenging site at very short notice.

Security should get results, fast.



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