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Medical Clinic, Cambridge

Security should be sensitive.

Few facilities are as important to those who use them as medical clinics. These places should be serene environments where patients can feel confident and calm. That sometimes requires some thought as to their security.

In Cambridge, the medical facility we were engaged by were in the process of decommissioning an older part of its estate. This aged and obsolete structure needed to be demolished, and was consequently fenced off from the active part of the site.

Nevertheless, local adolescents had been gaining access to this area and committing acts of vandalism. Not only that, but there had been several successful thefts of copper pipe and cabling. Finally and most importantly, all this proved to be a nuisance to patient, staff and visitors alike.

Our task here was simple: effectively secure the site with a minimum of fuss, and maintain its integrity. We deployed Security Dog Handlers to undertake regular patrols of what was an often overgrown site, and this had the additional benefit of providing a visible deterrent to the local youth. In fairly rapid order, the medical clinic again became a peaceful place – and the site more suitable for demolitions works.

Security requires active presence.



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