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Outdoor Cinema Event

Security can be unobtrusive.

The art of event security is to make it comprehensive without it proving to be disruptive. Event-goers want to feel safe – and expect to be secure while on-site. But they also want to have fun, and they want their experience to be as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Not only that: organisers need to be sure their assets are safe. That’s why an Outdoor Cinema Event approached us, including the key task of ensuring that their stage and equipment were safe in situ overnight.

Event sites such as this are well-publicised and large – they require active policing and careful planning. We assigned a Securing Dog Handling Team to the site, and they undertook a thorough review of the site’s security needs.

The result? A secure site, with theft and vandalism both prevented … and an event that went off without a hitch.

Security should be seamless.



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