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Port Facility Dog Handling

Good security often relies on expert observation.

An experienced patrol dog and handler team are an invaluable tool for any port facility. Canines naturally use a mixture of tracking and air-scenting to hunt and survive in the wild – and we have harnessed this skill to serve our clients’ needs, allowing us to search whenever and wherever necessary.

A canine has thousands to millions of times the scent ability of humans. A good handler will be able to read their dog’s movement, posture, stance, tail carriage and so on to find people – an intruder, for example – or articles carrying human scent.

This can be essential to the smooth running of a port, where unauthorised access needs to be tracked, evidenced and resolved rapidly. Not only that, but ultimately – and should the need arise – our canine partners are also trained to be ready and able to protect you.

Security should be reliable.



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