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Refurbishment, Guildford

Security can sometimes require sustained attention.

At an extensive refurbishment project in Guildford, our consultancy services were required to reduce the impacts of a significant trespassing challenge. Our client was undertaking a large-scale project with a range of former dwellings on a housing estate in the area, and needed significant support.

Their problems were wide-ranging and serious, involving vandalism, arson and theft alongside trespassing and unauthorised access. This made the site unsafe for staff, dangerous of course for the offenders – and unsuited to the work schedule that was required to complete the project successfully.

Given the size of the site and the scale of the challenge, our footprint was necessarily larger: we deployed three teams of Security Dog Handlers in order to guard the entire site, designing a schedule of patrols which ensured comprehensive coverage of the environment.

From a situation at the outset which was very live, over time our team’s persistence and vigilance ensured the breaches reduced progressively. Within a short period, the site was entirely under control.

Security should always be comprehensive.



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