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Shopping Centre, Coventry

Security is often about community.

Shopping centres are private land, of course – but they are also communal spaces. Not only do owners and tenants alike want appropriate environments in which to undertake retail activity; visitors want a pleasant environment they can enjoy and spend recreational time in.

That makes antisocial behaviour a problem for everyone – and important to resolve quickly Not only that, but the goal should be to prevent its recurrence. Sensitive and effective security is the key means of achieving these critical aims: deter and detect behaviour, and then dissuade repeat offenses.

It’s important that security teams do this, however, without creating intimidating or unpleasant environments. At Orchards Shopping Centre in Coventry, we deployed a security dog handling team to deter a group of youths that were being a nuisance – but ensured approachability at all times.

Not only did our team successfully eliminate the bad behaviour; they were popular and successful with shoppers, too, supporting centre security and even being filmed by Channel 5. Shoplifting statistics reduced, too – and a better environment created for all.

Security can be approachable.



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