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University Campus, Aston

Security should be co-operative.

Universities face ever-changing challenges. From rapid coronavirus spread in student residences to increased levels of criminality and anti-social behavior, when Aston University approached us they were in need of a comprehensive security strategy.

We were able to counteract all these challenges swiftly, with manned entrances and with clear control measures. We rapidly saw drastic reductions in parties and prevented the access of non-students – ensuring a calmer and safer campus.

This benefits everyone – not just University managers. Highly visible patrols around the campus have gained us excellent feedback from students who feel safer going about their usual University lives.
We remain responsive to our client’s changing needs: we were subsequently asked to provide an ad hoc search dog team to conduct sweeps of areas for hidden or discarded articles or weapons, to ensure the campus remained a safer place. This sweep proved highly successful: the dogs have made some very interesting finds including metal bars, chains, sharp implements and even grinders and drugs.
Security keeps everyone safer.



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