Detection Dog Services

What are Detection dogs?

Our Detection Dogs Services are extraordinary and can be used in a variety of operational situations to indicate the presence of target scents, such as explosives, illegal drugs, currency, blood, contraband, electronics etc. This is achieved using appropriately trained Canine and Handler teams, indicating the presence of an odour which the dog has been trained to find.

About Detection Dogs

A dog’s extreme olfactory system (the nasal sense responsible for smell) is acutely stronger than ours. On top of their superior sense of smell, dogs can search an area faster than we humans can, which makes them an invaluable working companion.

Detection dog Services

Our Detection Dogs and their handlers undergo extensive training for months in order to be certified. They will carry out testing and retraining throughout their time with Kopek Security to ensure their skills are reliable and up to standard and are BS 8517-2:2016 complain

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Detection Dog Services

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