Fire Marshals

Fire Marshals, what are they?

Our Fire Safety teams are dedicated Fire Marshals for business and events and are specially trained in fire prevention and safe evacuation.

This area is often missed in business yet so important for the safety of your employees and premises. Our fire marshal services are crucial to keeping your company safe, lowering fire risks, or responding to and evacuating quickly and safely in the event of a fire.


Before we implement our fire marshal services to your business, we will carefully assess your premises, fire safety concerns and requirements. We will then supply a solution.

This service significantly reduces the potential of a fire taking place.

Depending on your business, your fire marshals may have to create a pre-devised fire evacuation plan, this plan details how you should respond at every turn in order to successfully evacuate your employees.

“Our Fire Marshals for business and events. act on any fire safety issues, assess and rectify the situation.”

After your assessment, we can devise a  structured yet simple fire evacuation plan which covers:

  • What to do on encountering a fire

  • What to do on hearing the fire alarm

  • How to contact the fire brigade

  • Where the points of assembly are

  • Where the nearest fire escapes are

  • Where the nearest fire extinguisher is

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