Maritime Security Services

Maritime Shipping and Cruise Liner Security

Our Maritime Security Services are used all over the UK, we supply a professional service that gives you and your shipping and cruise liner organizers the peace of mind they need to optimise your guests experience without compromising the safety of the event participants and staff.

Maritime Security

Our maritime security services include risk, threat and vulnerability assessments, strategic strategy and planning and manpower measures to detect, deter and defend from assaults, disruptions or emergency situations.

Cruise Liner Security

Cruise Liner Security is essential to the success of any travel company big or small and provides a link between the guests, public and the cruise ship management team that is essential to a well run and successful trips that we have been involved with. 

  • Searches (with and without Detection Dogs)
  • Risk assessments and Planning
  • Perimeter protection (both with or without Guard Dogs)
  • Traffic management
  • Control Room management
  • First aid

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